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ABS Brakes at Ek Automotive in Edison Park

Almost all modern cars come with anti-lock brakes.   Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) is an essential safety feature for bringing your car to a quick stop when you need it.


Anti-lock brakes work by providing a quick pulsing action when the computer in your vehicle detects that it's slipping or beginning to slip.  This quick pulsing action works faster than any person could possibly do and brings your car to a full stop if you’re in a dangerous situation.

Keeping your ABS maintained properly is very important because they are a vital part of your cars braking system.  Also by checking and maintaining them regularly, you can rest easy knowing your car is as safe as possible.


At Ek Automotive, our technicians will check the hydraulics of your brakes and perform a brake fluid flush.  Flushing will keep your brake fluid fresh from water and dirt both of which prevent your ABS module from functioning properly.

So next time you stop by Ek Automotive make sure to ask about performing an ABS check-up. Not only could this save you money down the road but keeping your ABS maintained and running smoothly can help keep you safe.  

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