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Cooling System repair at Ek Automotive in Edison Park

Cooling System at Ek Automotive

Without a way to cool off your engine, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to perform properly. By itself an engine would become too hot and wouldn’t function due to the extreme heat it produces.




Antifreeze is combined half and half with water and flows through your radiator and engine to help keep everything at the right temperature. However like all liquids, antifreeze will eventually break down. This is why Ek Automotive recommends you change your antifreeze every two years or 26,000 kilometers. This is often called a flush and fill.


Cooling Fan


Your cooling fan is responsible for pumping air throughout the radiator so it can release hot engine heat into the surrounding air. If your fan ever malfunctions or stops, your engine can quickly overheat, resulting in serious engine problems. At Ek Automotive, we inspect your cooling fan to make sure the drive belt or fan belt is working properly and isn’t loose or cracked.


Pressure Cap


The pressure cap also known as the radiator cap is located on the radiator or coolant reservoir. Your pressure cap should be checked at least once a year for cracks and should be performed by a trained mechanic.


Coolant Reservoir


The coolant reservoir checks the levels of coolant in the system. This should be checked every time you come in for an oil change.




Your thermostat is a gauge that regulates the flow of coolant due to coolant temperature. A thermostat that doesn’t work properly can result in your engine to overheat without you realizing.

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