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Computer Diagnostics at Ek Automotive in Edison Park

Today, most cars are equipped with an onboard computer system that is responsible for controlling things like the fuel injectors, spark plugs, the steering system and more.


If something is wrong with your engine, your “check engine light” may tell you. Your car’s computer is telling you something is wrong with your car’s systems.  When you see this the best thing is to bring in your car to Ek Automotive so we can have a look at what is going on.


With our top of the line diagnostic equipment we will scan your car and find exactly what the problem is.  After that we will go over with you what we will fix on your vehicle, and how long it will take so you know exactly what to expect.


So next time your check engine light pops on, don’t ignore it.  Bring in your car for an inspection at Ek Automotive.

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