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Axels and CV Joint repair at Ek Automotive in Edison Park

Constant velocity joints, or more commonly known as CV joints, are what moves the power from your engine to the wheels and makes them turn. 


A CV joint allows the ends of the axels to flex and move up and down with the car to appply even power to the wheels in all conditions.

CV joints are filled with grease which is held in place by a protective cover called the CV joint boot.  Also known as the drive axle boot, this is where most CV joint problems occur. 


If the boot begins to leak or crack dirt and moisture can get in. This can lead to the CV joint to corrode, dry out and fail altogether. This can lead to serious problems as the CV joints can affect the axle and in turn lead to more service problems.


This is why it’s important to have an Ek Automotive mechanic inspect your CV joint boot regularly. At Ek Automotive, we check your CV joint boot every time your in for an oil change just to make sure everything is fine. So next time your in for an oil change know that Ek Automotive is making sure that more than just your oil is being checked.

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