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Headlight replacement at Ek Automotive in Edison Park

Headlights at Ek Automotive

Keeping your headlights clean and maintained can be just as important as changing your oil regularly. Without a clear view of the road, you are susceptible to injure yourself and others. By maintaining your headlights you can ensure that you will have a clear view of the road you travel.

  • Keep them clean. Next time you stop at the gas station make sure you take a minute wipe your headlights clean to prevent glare and distortion.

  • Make sure they’re positioned properly. Headlights can often be shifted out of place when driving on rough surfaces or over potholes. Next time you visit Ek Automotive be sure to ask your mechanic to check your headlight positioning.

Another important thing to look for in headlight care is road chips and surface scratches. These damages can decrease visibility and contribute to glare when driving.


Always be aware of burnt out headlights while driving. This can be one of the most dangerous things to ignore when it comes to car care. By keeping a spare set of bulbs in your emergency kit, you can be prepared next time one of your bulbs burns out.

Headlights are the eyes of your and you rely on them to help you see properly. So taking some simple steps to help keep them maintained can be the difference between seeing poorly and seeing clear.

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