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An open letter from Steve

Updated: Mar 5, 2021


Steve Ek here from Ek Automotive.  There has been a lot of uncertainty lately about the future of our lives, our businesses, and our country.  As both a patron of small businesses and an owner of one myself I know just how important they can be. Beyond just the services they provide a small business has the capability to bring a community together.  Edison Park simply wouldn't be the same if any of the shops or restaurants were forced to close their doors. It would lose a part of what makes ours one of the most unique neighborhoods in Chicago.  

Community isn't a place, it isn't a measurable object.  It's a mindset, It’s people coming together. Celebrating the good times and supporting each other through the rough times.  It’s all inclusive, seeing past color, identity, religion, nationality and political affiliation. It’s a celebration of everything we are and everything we can achieve together.  It’s showing up for one another saying “how can I help?”.  

I’m making this appeal to you all today, not just for myself, but for small businesses all over.  I’m asking you to keep us and them in mind. To give back and keep your community strong. We all need that support now more than ever to keep doing what we do.  We at Ek Automotive have always had the mindset of community first, not only in providing trustworthy and honest auto repair. Since 1991 we’ve been there to support anything and everything we could.  From little league sports teams, schools, and public parks. We’ve even built the gallery to provide a platform for up and comer artists and space to show off their works. We look forward to seeing you all soon as we continue to stand behind the community that's supporting us through these trying times.  

Thank you all, 

Steve Ek

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