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Getting the best fuel economy

When you ask people what they want most out of a new car you generally get two answers, safety and fuel economy. Thanks to the IHSA cars are as safe today as they've ever been. Fuel economy on the other hand can change a lot depending on how each individual drives, so we here at Ek Automotive put together some fuel saving tips for you.

Tip #1: Slow down. This might seem silly but if you think about it, the more you push your car the more gas it will burn. Studies have shown that reducing your speed from 80MPH to 70MPH can save up to 25% of gas. Going from 70MPH to 60 MPH can save an additional 10%.

Tip # 2: Check your tire pressure. If a tire is not set to the correct pressure it will make either too much contact, causing drag, or two little contact reducing efficiency. Both of these are leading causes to decreased fuel economy.

Tip #3: Roll your windows up. This too can seem like a little thing that can make a sizable difference. When your windows are down there's more drag on the car from wind meaning your motor has to work harder to go faster. Having the A/C while moving at slow speeds can also have a minor effect on fuel economy.

Tip #4: Maintain your car. Engines run best when they are in tip top condition so be sure to get your oil changed regularly and replace things like air filters when they are dirty.

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