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Hometown Edison Park

I took advantage of the beautiful weather the other day and enjoyed a drink at a sidewalk table at Que Onda on the corner of Oliphant and Northwest Highway. I have been there enough to know most everyone and it wasn’t too busy so I ended up chatting with the waiter for a bit. I told him how my mom used to work there 50 years ago when this restaurant was a store called Larson's Drugs. I fear I might be becoming a rambling old man talking about the way things used to be but sometimes I can’t help it, after all I’ve lived here all my life.

I think to say Edison Park has changed over the years would be incorrect, I would use words like developed and grew. I loved our community back then and I equally love our community today. I’m thankful to be part of it for so long.

Of course buildings get put up and torn down, that's just the way things happen, landscape changes. Who else remembers that there used to be not one but two gas stations on the main strip of Northwest Highway? The one consistent thing I’ve always seen is the people. We have a strong community bond, we the people support the business and in turn the businesses support the people.

It was extremely important for me to open my business Ek Automotive, right here in Edison Park. Its hard to believe it’s been 30 years since now.

I am confident that as a community continues to go through changes that those changes will be more improvement and growth.

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