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Mechanic near me

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I didn't open Ek Automotive with the goal of it becoming a nationally known leader of the industry but things happen sometimes. One day you’re a small shop off the beaten path tucked between apartment buildings and railroad tracks next thing you know you're a nationally known role model for an industry.

Don’t get me wrong it's not something that passively happened, it took years of hard work and dedication. It was more than just working on the shop side of things I wanted to help car owners become better consumers and make better decisions about taking care of their investments. With that being said there has been one specific bad decision I see being made over and over by the car owners and the worst part is it's very changeable decision

Its that people wait until they have a car problem before they choose a shop to bring it to. Your car is one of the biggest financial investments you’ll make. If you woke up tomorrow with a small fortune passed onto you by a distant estranged great uncle you've never met and you wanted to invest it, would you google “investor near me”? No you would put a bit of time and work into finding one you trusted and would do a great job. Why should finding a mechanic be any different?

It has always been my general observation that people don’t really make good decisions under pressure. I’m sure I could cite sources that prove this but that might be out of place in a blog about cars. The point is that when people's cars break down it causes panic and they react by opening up google and typing “mechanic near me”

How do you find a shop? Well it's really not all that hard but it does take a little bit of homework. Start by looking at what's in the area, from there look at their online presence and reviews and see what kind of feeling you get from that. Does it look like a place you could trust with your car? Most mechanic's are happy to give you a tour and answer questions if you stop by beforehand. People come to do it all the time with us. Lastly ask your friends and family, even with all the technology we have word of mouth is still the best when it comes to reviews.

What not to do: wait until you have a problem then ask on Facebook for a recommendation. People will recommend anything on Facebook, I’ve seen recommendations for places that have been closed for years. Asking for a recommendation on Facebook for an Italian restaurant in the city, you will get people recommending Mexican restaurants in the suburbs. On Facebook everyone thinks they are experts.

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