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I will have my car serviced only at Ek. They are the only mechanics I have found to be truthful about whatever problems exist. There would be times I would take my car to them because I thought I had a serious problem. They would check it out and tell me there was no problem at all, just dirt or something stuck under the car. They would remove it and send me on my way. Very importantly they stand behind their work. I cannot say enough good things about their many kindnesses during my husband's 7 year illness. They would go out of their way to be sure my car was in good working order so that I didn't need to worry about a break-down while driving him to many doctor appointments. Also, they would make sure the car was returned to me as quickly as possible because I never knew when my husband would be taken to the emergency room.

— Google Review

Over 5 years ago Don and I were referred to EK Auto Repair by a friend who highly recommended them. Since then we have only gone to EK to have our Matrix serviced. Steve and his co-workers know cars and how to deliver excellent customer service at a reasonable price. We have referred family and friends to EK who have also been very satisfied!

— Google Review

I would highly recommend EK to anyone looking for an honest mechanic who does high quality work.

— Yelp Review

Hands down one of thee best automotive repair places EVER! If you ever need work done, stop by and tell them Michelle referred you!

— Michelle I.

Expertise with a personal touch... Ek was recommended to me by a neighbor who had been using them for years and were very satisfied.. Now my family has been using them for years... So happy we made the switch!

— Susan F.

My question is where to start. This was my third trip with Ek. The first two times were minor events and they were responsive and didn't try to up sell me on stuff I didn't need. This time it was big. All due to my deferring and deferring and deferring. So I bit the bullet and said fix it. They gave me an estimate which was comprehensive and honest about my car. So I said, do it. Turns out my car was so badly maintained (part my fault and previous owner) that stuff came up that needed more attention. EK not only didn't tack on the extra but said thanks for the business. These folks are the real deal as far as integrity, respect and doing right for their customer.

— Micky N.

They noted that the spark plugs needed to be replaced; something I had never done. Everyone was professional, friendly and took the time to explain what needed to be done. I will be taking the car back for future maintenance and any needed repairs.

— Anonymous

Thank you Ek Automotive! Needed brakes and an oil change…got brakes and an oil change. Thanks for the great work at such a great price! Steve…you are a class act and Mike is the best!

— Tracy M.

VI bought a winter beater, and decided to get a cheap oil change. I was going to go to any chain (ie Jiffy Lube) but something told me to instead pay a little more and take it somewhere where they wouldn't treat me like a number.

I took the car to Ek Auto, and surprisingly they had a "get acquainted" offer that ended up putting them in the same price range as the cheap chains. As I waited in the shop for them to carry on the work, it felt so welcoming: it's a nice little cabin with tons of things to keep you distracted, and a coffee machine available for free. Awesome experience.

2 days later, I wake up to a flat tire. I decided to take it in to the same shop and uber to work, and when I came back to pick up the car, I asked how much the repair was, and they said "it was just a broken valve, so don't worry about it". Wow. Talk about not treating you like a number. And yes, I know, a valve is cheap, but it takes time to figure out what was wrong and fix it, and labor isn't cheap.

So thanks again, you have a new happy customer!

— Yelp Review

I highly recommend Ek Auto to anyone who is looking for honest assessment and maintenance of their vehicle.  As a long time customer over 20 years, I have trusted Steve with all of the cars that I have owned over the years and have never gone to any other mechanic.  Ek Auto provides me with reliable and accurate service.   I depend on my car to get to work on a daily basis, so Steve and his crew are very important to me.  Also, I know that Steve reaches out to the community and gives back by donating a car to someone in need every year.  I wish more people would run businesses like Ek Auto.  Thank you for all your years of service.  I do not know what I would do without you guys.  Keep on doing what you do best, servicing the community with friendly, honest and fair practices.  The community needs you around for as long as possible. 

— Yelp Review

Very warm, caring, and respectful environment. Always smiles and quality work. Always something fun to read and see! This is not your normal auto shop experience, you just wanna stay for coffee!

— Yerinita C.

Great service! Prompt, great price, and dependable! We will be back for all future car needs!! Thanks guys!!

— Jacqueline G.

Can't say enough good things about Ek Auto. Another mechanic said I needed to replace brake & fuel lines. Took it to Ek for 2nd opinion. Guess what? No repairs needed! Ek Auto - Thanks for your honesty & for saving me a lot of money. You have permanently won all my future business.

— Sonia R.

Took my ford escort to them to have many things fixed. I had them replace my water pump, timing belt and radiator. I felt they were very fair in the prices to fix my car; considering the labor time it would also take to change everything. The people that work there are great; friendly and helpful. They really tried to save me some money. They offered to put in a rebuilt water pump to help cut down on costs, rather than going with a brand new one which would be more expensive. They also included a 90 day warranty on all the parts I had replaced.

— Linda H.

These guys are awesome. Steve  the owner and Mike the manager genuinely care about people and the service they provide. I have nothing but good things to say about this place and Steve is all positive energy and is actively involved in the local community which is evident in the fact that his shop is thriving. I've been bringing my car here and several other cars actually for the last 4 years and I have NEVER felt that I have been taken advantage of or ripped off in some way. Steve and Mike are true car enthusiasts and experts-- they will be honest with you and let you know exactly what needs to be done and why and will never suggest any repairs that are not necessary. I've owned a car since I was 16 and I can honestly say this is the first mechanic I've ever totally trusted. This place may not be low ball cheap but the cheapest is not always the best and although it may cost a little bit more you can be sure you will walk out of here having received quality work performed by quality people. BRING YOUR CAR HERE TRUST ME YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

— Yelp Review