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While Ek Automotive opened in 1991 the story of Ek Automotive started long before that. 


You see it began with Steve’s love of both cars and Edison Park.  He noticed there was a lack of honest and affordable automotive repair in his neighborhood and he set out to change that.   

Today Ek Automotive is nationally known as a leader in the automotive industry, we became trend setters with a focus on preventive maintenance to avoid costly repairs down the road. 

What We Value 


We believe in bringing the community of Edison Park the best service possible, this means all of our crew is fully certified and we use only the highest quality parts.

Quality at Ek Automotive
Commitment at Ek Automotive

What We Value


We stand by the work we do and as such all of our work and parts are covered by an extensive warranty.  

What We Value


At Ek Automotive we do more then just fix cars, we bring community together through the Salt Air Gallery. 


We use the gallery to promote local artists and hosting community events such as hosting the community consul meetings

Supporting Edison Park at Ek Automotive
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