Through time...


We’ve always appreciated a challenge here at Ek Automotive and the goal that we've had at the forefront of our minds from day one is creating the best shop possible. An automotive repair shop doesn’t have to be covered muttered in grime to be authentic and do good work. We thought bigger, and more about the community we serve. If you stop by, you’ll see what we mean, we’ve strived to create a space for artists to showcase their talents, for working families to get their vehicles back in shape to get to the next soccer practice and, just a space where people can feel comfortable. On every level of service we try to surpass your expectations and become the next, better version of Ek Automotive. We’ve been in business for nearly 30 years because we haven’t stopped listening to the people, like you, who push us to become better than we were.

Our crew

“You can tell a lot about someone by who they associate with” is something my old man told me on a day I can’t remember anymore. It stuck with me, and we’ve carried that into the present and how we’ve built this team. It was built how this business was built, carefully and with the bigger picture not from our minds, serving this community the best we can. Any group of people can work together but this is bigger than teamwork, this is about standards and a fundamental culture that we have ingrained into everybody that you find here each Monday to Friday

Behind the Curtain 

Unfortunately we don’t have an all glass garage that you can pull a chair up to and watch our technicians work their magic but if you did, you’d be reminded of a show like Chef’s Table or Chopped. While we don’t send a technician home for forgetting the artichoke hearts, the same passion and drive exists to get projects completed artfully and efficiently. What makes a kitchen successful is communication and the grit to see something through when not everything is falling perfectly into place, same logic applies here. Good communication and the skills to get the work done is what’s happening from the moment we open until the last car leaves our lot.

The Gallery and Beyond

Not to say we started the artful automotive repair shop, but we’d say this one is going to be your favorite. The Salt Air gallery started off humbly, as all big ideas do but with enough love and guidance, they can become cultural landmarks. That’s what’s slowly taken place over the past years; Salt Air Gallery has taken on a life and personality of it’s own, wanting to be a breath of fresh air for everybody that gives it a chance to surprise them. The gallery has become more than a place to hang canvases filled with hard work, people come here to talk, about whatever. The gallery has been the setting for many a council meeting, art showing and events such as “Breakfast with a side of Banter” all hosted by shop founder Steve Ek.  

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