The Salt Air Gallery


When Steve Ek first opened his doors in October of 1991 he had just one lift, a few tools and a dream.  We've grown a lot since then but we've always stayed true to that dream; providing our community with honest and trustworthy auto repair.  Edison Park has expanded along with us going from a small neighborhood of starter homes to the shopping and nightlife hot spot it is today.  


The only thing missing was art. 


This led Steve to adapt our second floor into the Salt Air Gallery.  Through this he hosts local artist’s work, community events and parties.  His goal is to introduce art to people and people to art.  The gallery is open to the public any time.  Steve charges no fees and takes no commission from any of the art sold.   



Monday 8AM-6PM

Tuesday 8AM-6PM

Wednesday 8AM-6PM

Thursday 8AM-6pm

Friday 8AM-6PM

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

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