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Buick at Ek Automotive in Edison Park

Buick at Ek Automotive

Buick is among the oldest car manufacturers in America.  They have a long tradition of class and innovation going back more than a century.  Though more commonly known for being driven by retirement aged people they have expanded their lineup to include sporty sedans and SUVs catering to the younger generation. At Ek Automotive we work on all Buick models including Regal, LaCrosse, Enclave, Encore, Verano, and Cascada.  


Keep your Buick performing optimally by bringing it to Ek Automotive so we can address any issues that may come up.  These are some of the main things we keep an ever our for:


  • Noises such as knocks and rattles that happen over bumps or when turning.

  • Any noise coming from the brakes or an unusually soft or hard pedal.

  • Vibrations or pulling in the steering wheel

  • Any changes in the way your Buick normally runs.  


If you have any of these issues don't hesitate to give us a call or make an appointment online.  Our world class technicians will give it a thorough look over so we can get you back on the road with a reliable safe car. 


Make an appointment for your Buick today at Ek Automotive in Chicago

If you own a Buick in Edison Park you can trust Ek Automotive for any and all of your maintenance and repair needs.  We’ll treat your Buick like it was one of our own. 

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