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BMW at Ek Automotive in Edison Park

BMW is a world class automaker.  Respected in the industry for their luxury and driving enjoyment.  Not to mention they were pioneers of many things like turbo chargers and putting computers in cars.  


At Ek Automotive we work on any and all BMW models, this includes:

  • X1

  • X3

  • X4

  • X5

  • X6

  • I3

  • M4

  • M5

  • M6

  • Z4

  • The 3 Series

  • The 4 Series

  • The 5 Series

  • The 6 Series

  • The 7 Series


When your beloved BMW needs maintenance you need someone who knows their way around German engineering.  This is where Ek Automotive comes in.  We are Chicago’s leading BMW repair shop.  We follow all BMW guidelines and maintenance schedules.  


While BMW’s are special at the end of the day they are still cars.  That means you could come into all the typical problems any car could have.  This means things like battery replacements, oil changes, tune ups, brakes and air conditioning.  You don't need to worry though because Ek Automotive has you covered to ensure your BMW stays on the road.  


If you drive a BMW in the Edison Park area, give us a call or request an appointment online and our world class team will be happy to take care of anything your BMW needs.

BMW at Ek Automotive
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