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Cadillac at Ek Automotive in Edison Park

Cadillac at Ek Automotive

Cadillac is America’s stand out luxury brand, formally known for its high end sedans it has not branched out with an expanded line of SUVs and crossover to appeal to younger generations.  The Escalade is their flagship model appealing to celebrities, athletes and young families.  They also offer the SRX for people seeking out a sporty crossover while still maintaining the status and luxury only Cadillac can offer.  At Ek Automotive we service any and all models of Cadillacs including the CTS line, ATS, ELR and XTS coupes and sedans. 


When your beloved Cadillac needs maintenance or service there is only one place to trust and that's Ek Automotive.  We have highly trained technicians who have years of experience and training servicing Cadillacs.  We follow manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedules along with following all guidelines for repairs.  


Oil changes, tune ups, brakes, muffler replacement and tire replacement are all among the many services we provide at Ek Automotive in Chicago.


Make an appointment for your Cadillac today at Ek Automotive in Chicago.

If you own a Cadillac in Edison Park you can trust Ek Automotive for any and all of your maintenance and repair needs.  We’ll treat your Cadillac like it was one of our own. 

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