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Acura at Ek Automotive in Edison Park

Acura at Ek Automotive

Acura was born out of the perfect blend of performance, innovation and luxury.   From the stylized ZDX, the versatile TSX wagon and the compact RDX along with the TL and RL sedans Acura has a model to fit your every need.  At Ek Automotive our world class technicians work on every model of Acura using the latest technology and decades of experience.  


In Chicago there is no better place to get your Acura fixed than Ek Automotive. Our technicians have years of experience and training to work on your Acura.  We have the latest technology and equipment to fix any problem you have, no matter how big or small.  Ek Automotive are the Acura experts in Chicago.  


Whether you need routine maintenance or an in depth repair we at Ek Automotive are here for you.  We don't believe in pushing unnecessary repairs, we do exactly what's needed to keep your car safe on the road.  Nothing more, nothing less.  



Make an appointment today for your Acura at Ek Automotive in Edison Park! 



Nobody wants their car to break down but things happen and when they Ek Automotive is here for you.  For honest and trustworthy auto repair in Chicago there's no better place than Ek Automotive. 

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